Two Left Feet from Linda Mason on Vimeo.

Volunteered an hour of my time to help promote Two Left Feet (a voluntary run organisation).

I Talk To Strangers ‘Flashmob’ from Linda Mason on Vimeo.

Am filming David as part of my MA final film.
I filmed at one of the I Talk To Strangers events. Just a quick edit to show the day, additional footage from Ricardo.
More information:

Passing By from Linda Mason on Vimeo.

Filmed using the ipad … just uploaded straight from ipad. Was filming at a flash mob for I talk to strangers …. the circus performers were practicing …. really like this shot :-)

Nine of the Best Ways to Boost Creative Thinking

When it comes to creativity, one of our biggest concerns is usually how we can be more creative, or how to come up with better ideas. Research in this area is all over the place, but I’ve gathered some of the most practical studies out there to help you utilize specific techniques that can boost your creativity.

Sharing a skill … a short animation

Today was all about teaching/sharing a skill to someone else! The young people shared how to: Make a stop-frame, How to take a good photograph, How to use the video to capture what is happening, How to Irish dance and How to ‘bling’ up a mask!!

Week 6 - Bling it up!! Today the young people enjoyed making an item of their clothing or object individual!

Week 5 - Today the young people completed Part C - researching an Arts heroine! They also did some more mask making :-)

Week 4 - Part A - making masks! The young people were very creative today :-)

Week 3 - young people very busy today creating short stop frames, using cameras, creating a photo montage and recording evidence in their portfolios.

Feedback at end of the sessions

A chance to read some of the feedback from young people and adults:

Space to express ourselves                Great day had by all!

Another great day              LOVED being behind the camera

Enjoyed doing my poster                        Just had a laugh

Fantastic atmosphere, wonderful to see everyone working so hard and sharing the Wicked experience (a visitor to the project)

LOVE doing my book

Week 2 - Part B - young people creating their posters displaying their evidence of the show we went to see Wicked!!

Arts Award journey begins ….

Some stop frame animations made last year …

Day in London